Month: October 2016

Mashujaa Jamhuri Quotes

Magari poa wishes all Kenya a[tweetthis display_mode="button_link"] Happy Mashujaa[/tweetthis] Day, Enjoy the following quotes by Kenyans and about Kenya: “We’re small because when they took them (Africans) into slave ...

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Surviving Night Time Driving: The Dos and Donts

Driving at twilight can be a daunting task to new drivers who are not used to the conditions. Even the more established drivers whose eyes adjust slowly to darkness find it difficult. (We can describe 'night' as the hour ...

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Long Term Car Storage: Protect your car during long storage

If you are not going to use your car for over a month, store it appropriately to avoid unnecessary damages when you return. Follow the following steps to ensure your car remains in top condition:[tweetthis display_mode=" ...

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