Features that are fast disappearing from our cars @ma3route

Features that are fast disappearing from our cars @ma3route

Due to changing safety and efficiency issues, car makers are converting cars to convenience items from lifestyle statements. This is leading to getting rid of many features that are quickly becoming obsolete or irrelevant in newer cars. Whether you love it or loathe it, some of them will surely be missed. We've compiled a list which combines features which have, or soon will disappear from newer cars.

1. Ashtrays and Lighters

Ashtrays and lighters installed in the dashboard of a car was a common sight during the early days. For non-smokers, this space was often utilized to store coins.

But, manufacturers gradually moved away from providing this feature and replaced these sections with tech-focused installations, such as phone charger ports.

2. Long Radio Antennas

In old cars, we could see radio antennas protruding out of the side or middle portion of the cars. It was because the radio was only the source of entertainment in the car at that time.

With the introduction of CD players, USB players and even mini TV’s one hardly listens to the radio today.

Also, modern day cars have replaced the traditionally fixed antenna with mini retractable antennas or with antennas embedded directly within the windshield.

3. Hand Cranked Windows

Most crank windows are being replaced with power and electric windows.

Instead of using a hand-turned crank handle, passengers can now lower or raise the window of their car with just a press of a button, requiring no effort.

4. Audible Turn Indicator Signals

Audible turn signals were a useful feature for some people but were a nuisance for many. A clicking sound may become annoying after some time, but it helps drivers to remind them that they need to turn the signal off after a successful turn.

Useful or not, many modern cars are coming up with silent turn signals these days.

5. Keys to Start the Car

Modern cars are increasingly utilizing technology to eliminate some of the manual tasks, such as turning the engine on with a key. Most high-end cars have switched to electronic key fobs and start/stop ignitions.

All you need is to get inside the car with the key fob in your pocket and press the button to start the engine. The car also senses when the key fob is nearby and automatically unlocks the door.

6. Round sealed beam headlamps

Round sealed headlamps have actually become so old that most of the younger audience won’t be able to recall them. Seen those circular headlights with a chrome surrounding rings found on Peugeot 404? Yes those are the ones we are discussing here.

Round sealed headlamps date back to World War times and have now disappeared against the much efficient halogen and xenon headlamps. But so has the classic vintage look disappeared which looked absolutely stunning and harks back to the true essence of an automobile.

 7. Column shifter

Column shifter is the gear lever placed as theleft/right stalk where normally the headlight or wiper controls reside. The gears were difficult to engage constantly because those days we never got the automatics in Kenya, which were easier, but this meant there was more space for that distressed front middle passenger with the bench seats.

8. Cassette players and Radio knobs

Today is a world of touch screens, USB/AUX/Bluetooth connectivity and DVDs. The elder generation would still remember the cassettes we used to stack in the glove box, choosing and picking them for a long journey, rewinding them with the use of a Bic pen, and many other miseries. With the advancement in technology, songs shrank down to a couple of megabytes and mobile phones are able to store hundreds of songs, the omission of tapes and cassettes was very likely. But as cassettes will not be missed much, what will be missed are radio knobs.

Fidgeting and trying to set the desired frequency by turning a knob on the player was still a lot easier than pressing a button on the steering wheel. As far as technology helps, radio knobs will be always missed.


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