Each time you overlap, everyone in the queue silently prays that you end up in a mtaro @KenyaTraffic

Each time you overlap, everyone in the queue silently prays that you end up in a mtaro @KenyaTraffic

While we May trust that majority of the people are considerate, reasonable drivers, the truth is, there are some people who should never ever be allowed to drive …not even a donkey cart. We however can do very little about them, apart from painting their malice and hope they will be ashamed enough to want to change their wayward habits.


  1. Mindless overtakers

Overtaking, where allowable, is totally legal. Some folks, however, can’t seem to understand the risk they put themselves, their passengers and other road users in, when they overtake in the wrong spots.

Moreover, overtaking has a formula, don’t get too close, when you do take the move, accelerate and get back leaving a comfortable allowance. That isn’t rocket science, is it?


  1. Full-light beamers

As hazardous as blinding other drivers with your high beams is, more nauseating is when other considerate non-high beam motorists are behind the idiot. You are always punished for his sines.

Car headlights are precisely designed to offer all round illumination, your LED modifications only serve to blind other road users.


  1. Overzealous Steerer

For the purposes of turning the car’s direction, car makers deemed it fit to install a steering wheel. This device once shuffled in the wished-for direction makes the wheels turn to the said course.

This was meant to be simple and clear to even a child. If you’re joining a road, you should turn the just steering wheel sufficiently to enable you merge into your lane. Going all the way to the other lane only helps to put question marks on your driving skills, mental-soundness and soberness.


  1. Litterbugs

Not one person in their sane mind enjoys looking at garbage, not even the litterers themselves, yet, this tendency persists like an irredeemable situation. We politely look the other way while it pisses everyone off.

If you toss junk out of your car and someone captures you on their dash cam, you ought to stand for an entire week, by the side of the road, holding a billboard that says you are a downright uncharitable and heavily flawed human being. After your driving license should be withdrawn, for good!

  1. Overlappers

The most disreputable are the matatu drivers, nonetheless some private car owners are just as unashamedly blatant. Each time you overlap, everyone in the queue inaudibly prays that you end up in a ‘mtaro’, or into the custody of a nonsense, incorruptible and unforgiving ‘Bensuda’ or an NTSA official.

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