Earn an income by recommending people to Magari Poa

Earn an income by recommending people to Magari Poa

If you convince 1 person selling their car to post it on www.magaripoa.com you will receive 50% of the money they will pay to advertise. Each ad sells at Ksh 400 for 90days. You can also login and post on their behalf. Selling on Magari Poa can be your side hustle. If you recommend 5 people you earn Ksh 1,000 daily, 10 people ksh 2,000 and the list goes on.

We pay your commission upfront as soon as the customer has paid.

It is very easy because you only require to recommended someone who is selling their car or approach a car yard. You may also visit Magari Poa website and share any the posts to your Facebook wall, whatsapp, telegram, twitter e.t.c. We always ask our customers how they found us and if you referred them we will track you and give you what is due.

You can also share this information widely. 

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