Finally a New Modern ‘Smart’ Digital Driving License

Finally a New Modern ‘Smart’ Digital Driving License

Left to us by the British colonial government, the Kenyan Driving License still maintains its original texture, colour and ‘sisal’ feel. Other countries in the world including our neighbours Tanzania, Uganda and Somalia adopted modern cards that resemble an ID card, but Kenya refused to budge.

That is about to change, if pictures doing rounds on social media are anything to go by.

It appears that the government has come up with designs of what could be a new generation driving license, that contains a chip with your information and record. But for the title ‘Driving License’, chip and NTSA logo, you would be forgiven to think this is an identity card.

And just to get a sense of how overdue this is, here are 2 driving licenses during the colonial times. The first from 1927 and the other from 1963.

NTSA has not given a timeline on when this new driving license will be launched, only stating ‘soon’. However when they do, it’s everyone’s hope that this will be a start of road discipline in Kenya.

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