Good News! Uber is Accepting Old Cars

Good News! Uber is Accepting Old Cars

Uber has developed a new product which is now accepting old cars. To enjoy this product you will still use your existing UberX service app.

The low cost product costing KSh30 per kilometre, KSh2.50 per minute with the base and minimum fare at KSh60 and KSh150, respectively, is cheaper than the prices that were adjusted upwards after drivers went on strike to contest a previous price cut, which they described as untenable.

The new rates take after Uber's choice to enroll older cars that were beforehand not being accepted, making a u-turn on the strict principles that only  saw cars under eight years of age joined to the platform.

The new decision likewise enables cars to join To Uber without passing through the painstaking inspection process.

Uber will only require cars to have the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) inspection, PSV, insurance and a Log Book.

"We are continually investigating approaches to guarantee drivers more riders while ensuring passengers keep on having access to secure, dependable and affordable transportation. We are currently occupied with a driver focus dialogue to discuss ways we can increase rider-requests across Nairobi through the new system," said Uber Spokesperson Janet Kemboi.

"As drivers join different taxi-hailing platforms we are looking for methods of ending the issue of price wars in once and for all."

In March, Uber increased its UberX rates to Sh42 per kilometer, Sh3 per minute with a base fare and minimum fare raised to Sh300 and Sh100 respectively for Nairobi after government intervention.

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