How to Apply for Ownership After Auction

How to Apply for Ownership After Auction

Auction Cases
1. Vehicle inspection report
2. Sworn affidavit
3. NTSA Application Sign in to the online system(see how to log in) if you haven't signed up see How to register
4. Purchase receipts
5. Newspaper advertisement for sale
6. Warrants of attachment and sale
7. Specific court order (where applicable)
8. Lawyers letter (distress for rent cases)
9. Auctioneers proclamation
10. Letter from Police Hqs. (Lost & Found & Police auctions)
11. Job Card (Uncollected goods in workshops /garages)
12. Copy of ID/ Certificate of incorporation /Business Registration Certificate
13. Certificate of Sale /Letter confirming the sale
14. Transfer Sign in
15. Payment of Kshs. 2500/= for duplicate registration book
16. Payment of second hand motor vehicle purchase tax and transfer fee.

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