How to apply for PSV Driver/Conductor license and get approval by NTSA online @KenyanTraffic

How to apply for PSV Driver/Conductor license and get approval by NTSA online @KenyanTraffic
  1. Visit the National Transport and Safety Authority Website NTSA and under the Quick links section click on th PSV licence applications.
  2. Create account with NTS by filling in your names and ID number.
  3. Wait for the site to register your details and proceeded input more required information so as to complete registration. This information includes
    1. Email
    2. Mobile number
    3. You are also required to upload a recent passport photograph(Then Click on the create account icon so as to create account)
  4. Now log in into your new created account
  5. Select approved licencing status and click on new application then chose the application type you want to make;
    • PSV Driver application 
    • PSV Conductor Application 
    • Institution Driver Application form 
    • Taxi Driver Application form
  6. Fill in the required details in the generated form. The details include:
    • link to Sacco/ Institution/ Employer
    • Update licence photo
    • Physical address
    • P.O.Box address
    • Attach good conduct
    • Drivers licence number
    • Licence collection point
  7. Click next to go to payment section. Select payment method and proceed to pay. Methods of payment include 
    • M-pesa/ Debit/ Credit / Prepaid card
    • Airtel Money
    • Mobikash
    • E- agent
    • Cash
  8. After payment confirm payment by clicking on the confirm payment icon.
  9. Click submit after confirming payment. Go to back the dash board and click my applications to review your application.
  10. If satisfied that the information is correct print your application and take it to the collection point to collect, you licence.

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