How to deal with people who hog up two parking places

How to deal with people who hog up two parking places

There are those people that cannot park well and seem to not care about it at all. They park wherever they want, however they want. It’s obvious that the people attempting to park nearby have something to say on the matter...

Monster Truck Warning

On the off chance that you see a note on your windshield while walking back to your car, we can say pretty certainly that it won’t be anything good. They tend to be from people who have either hit your car or are unhappy about the way you parked.

Monster Truck Warning
Monster Truck Warning

In this case, that’s exactly what happened. It just so happened to be the owner of a monster truck who was inconvenienced. Naturally, someone who owns a monster truck would be oh so happy to use it to crush another car.


Every driver should be aware that parking in front of a fire hydrant is illegal. However, there are many people who seem to look past this fact when looking for a parking spot. They decide to go ahead and park in front of the curb, blocking the hydrant.

Fire hydrant 

While fire hydrants aren’t used all that often, no one can know when they will suddenly be needed to put out a fire. Of course, that is the exact reason why it’s illegal to park in front of one. Well, have you ever wondered what happens if someone is parked there when there is a fire? This is what happens.

No Parking

Let’s face it, we’ve all parked where we shouldn’t have at one point or another. When you’re rushing to get somewhere, you tend to park in the first space you see without realizing if you’re even allowed to.

No ParkingNo Parking

At times, it’s pretty obvious where you can and can’t park and you don’t need to look hard to see that. In this image, for instance, you can clearly see the trash cans with “No Parking” written on them in bold, and yet the Range Rover decided to chance it anyways and park there. Eventually, an annoyed staff member took advantage of the trash cans to trap in the car. Well done, sir.

Award Winner

If you have a luxurious and expensive car, congrats. Obviously, you’ve done pretty well for yourself and have been able to treat yourself to a fancy car that everyone envies. However, having this car does not make you better, or more entitled, then anyone else.

Award Winner
Award Winner

So, don’t park in two spaces. We see that you don’t want to scratch your car, but who does? Instead of getting angry at this parking fail, this person went about it in a sarcastic way, awarding the driver with the parking contest award. And, of course, adding that the driver is clearly better than everyone else.

Just Like Royalty

This might seem obvious to most of us, but let us explain real quick for those who don’t know. When learning to drive, you learn the rules and laws of the roads, right? There are certain signs, lines, and shapes that mean all kinds of different things. Got it? Moving on then.

Just Like RoyaltyJust Like Royalty

Here we see a driver who either didn’t realize what these lines meant or simply didn’t care. Either way, no car is supposed to be parked on this space. As we can see, this driver must have thought they were above the law or something, and an annoyed person took notice and decided to make a point of it.

White Lines

Parking can be difficult, so there are white lines on the road to help drivers know where to park. They also show how much space each car should be taking up.

White LinesWhite Lines

Most of the time, drivers follow these lines and park their cars properly. Other times? Drivers simply ignore these lines and do what they want. In this case, these two cars weren’t having any of it and blocked the Mustang in.

Wrapped Up

It really isn’t such a hard task to park within the white lines on the road. Some people seem to disagree. They decide to use the white lines as suggestions rather than actual indications. As a result, they mess up the other parking spots for other cars in the vicinity.

Wrapped UpWrapped Up

Since this is a relatively small car, there is no reason whatsoever for them to park in two spaces. As a form of revenge, the people in the red car came up with this flawless plan: wrap the entire car in layers of plastic wrap.

You’ve Been Chopped

We may not see what this driver did to bring on this wrath, clearly, they were not innocent. Or someone was just very angry at them. Whoever was angry did not want the driver to get away with what they did and decided to teach them a lesson of their own.

You've Been ChoppedYou’ve Been Chopped

To execute this master plan, whoever did this must have gone into a store and bought not one, not two, but five axes. Totally normal, right? It seems to be that they used all their strength to bury these axes deep into the car frame. Ouch.

Hot Mess

It can be easy to park your car badly, whether slightly crooked or just on the lines. There are some people, however, that seem to go all out. This person looks like they were seriously trying to park in the furthest way possible from the white lines.

Hot MessHot Mess

Not only are they parked badly, they’re parked over four parking spaces. Obviously, they didn’t even try to park normally. It’s just a hot mess. Well, someone decided to take matters into their own hands and got cones, streamers, toilet paper, and crime scene tape to make a point.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman

When a driver decided to park their car over two spaces, this person knew they had to say something on the matter. They weren’t going to do it angrily. They were going to use their disappointment. We all know that’s so much worse.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman
Neighborhood Spiderman

The impressive letter starts with fancy words and went on to write their argument with a firm but calm tone. To top it off, it was signed by Spiderman himself, because who’s cooler than that?

Follow The Yellow Paint Line

Of course, we all know about following the yellow brick road, but the yellow paint line is just as important. This person clearly wanted to make their way to the Land of Oz, just in their own, modern, way.

Follow The Yellow Paint LineThe Yellow Paint Line

Instead of getting stuck in a tornado, they decided to park across two parking spaces. The other people who parked their cars in the lot were clearly unhappy about the situation. One angry resident made the choice to give these people what they’ve always wanted: a yellow line to follow.

Not-So-Smart Car

Smart cars are known for their compact size. While you can’t fit a family of four in one of these, they are great for finding small parking spaces. This can come in handy a lot of the time.

Not-So-Smart CarWho is smarter now

It seems like one Smart car owner got a little too excited and parked where is not a parking space at all. These guys were adamant about teaching the driver a lesson, and put the car into parking jail.

Post It Online

Nowadays, just about everything makes its way onto the internet in some way or another. When someone saw this terrible parking job, they decided to do something about it.

Post It OnlineInstagram pap!

While the person parked wasn’t doing anyone harm, someone wanted to let them know that their parking skills were kinda bad. So, a note was written and put on the windshield of the car. The note warned the driver about putting a photo of their bad parking online.


One of the worst things is having someone park over your driveway and block your car. There’s no way for you to get out, and you don’t know when you’ll be able to get out. Why are people so annoying sometimes? When this person found themselves stuck with no way of getting out of their driveway, they decided to be considerate.

Instructionshabari ndio hiyo

Instead of berating the driver, they gave them a life lesson. Clearly, they weren’t aware of what a driveway was or how it worked, so they needed help on the matter.

Parking Poetry

We have a feeling whoever wrote this poem was very proud of themselves. It’s always satisfying to write a passive-aggressive note and be able to give it to the person who annoyed you.

Parking Poetry
Mad Poetry

The writer wanted more than anything to make the driver realize what kind of effect their actions have on others. So, aside from parking badly, they angered people and wasted their time. We think it’s safe to say that no one wants that.

Modern Art

There are times when a note just isn’t enough. When this person parked on the sidewalk and stopped pedestrians from walking by, the people nearby were not too happy about it.

Modern ArtWicked Art

After having tried many things to keep the person from parking there, they hoped they would be successful in their efforts. Unfortunately, nothing worked and they had to take a different approach. In fact, they decided to create their own piece of modern art in the process.

Driving School

When it comes to getting back at people who are terrible at parking, there are many ways to go about it. This is a great example of handling the situation in a hilarious way. An oversized novelty check for $500 from “Driving School”.


Driving SchoolBoarding Driving School

Naturally, the check is made out to “Bad Parker”. And, of course, the person handing the check had to pose with the woman whose jeep was parked on two spaces. The giant pen was a nice touch, we gotta say.

Spell It Out

Many people get angry when they see someone park as if nobody else around matters, and for good reason. There aren’t a lot of things in the modern world that are more annoying.

Spell It OutSpell It Out in Black ans White

All the same, not a lot of people would have the guts to smear the word “Idiot” on someone’s car in all caps. We seriously hope they used chocolate syrup or something like that. The driver might be terrible at parking, but even we have our limits.

You’ve Won

This person has to be credited with great effort and creativity. They went all out and bought confetti, ribbons, and balloons. Not to mention the certificate that just tied the whole look together. To top it off, they somehow filled the car with the balloons.

You've WonYou’ve Won a Fools Award

We can only imagine the looks they got when they were printing the award. It’s a shame we can’t know how the driver reacted when they got back to their car. It would have been priceless.

Dedicated Just For You

Ah, yet again, a driver parks over two clearly marked spaces. As we can see, someone was clearly fed up and was prepared for this situation. They must have passed by and thought they would help the driver out a bit.

Just For YouJust For You

As a way of helping, the passer-by drew lines just for the driver as a special parking spot, making sure to write it out too. The driver had to know that this parking was very special and just for him.


While the person who got all the balloons and confetti deserves credit, this person went all out in a different, but just as amazing, way. They went so far as creating their own note that purposely looks like a parking ticket in order to scare the driver a little.


When the driver would actually pick up the paper and look at it properly, they would see it’s actually a wonderfully written soliloquy about their parking skills.

You’re Surrounded

When you first look at it, this photo looks like a parking lot full of bad decisions. However, once you take a closer look, you realize that it was only one bad decision, surrounded by great ones.

You're SurroundedYou’re under si-e-ge

This driver decided to park however they want, across multiple spaces. Of course, the people who saw this wouldn’t let such a thing slide, and for good reason. They surrounded the car with their own cars to block them in.

Flying Toilet

When people say someone’s property was ‘trashed’, this isn’t exactly what they mean. In this case, that’s exactly what we mean. As is apparent from the photo, this driver couldn’t find a place to park so they just parked in front of these garbage bins.

Trashing The CarTrashing The Car

Of course, this blocked everyone else from accessing the dumpsters. So, the people living nearby had a great response. If they couldn’t reach the dumpsters, then the car is fair game!

The Missing Bike

As it turns out, not only cars can be parked badly. In fact, bikes can be as well! This story is in two parts, so allow us to explain it. In the top photo, there is a bike parked in a space big enough for a car for no apparent reason.

The Missing Bike
Where Did the Bike Go?

The bottom photo zooms in and shows someone parked their car in the space. But the question remains: where did the bike go? Well, if you look closely in the bushes, you’ll see the bike lodged in there.

Mother Nature Justice

Until this point, we’ve been focusing on people getting revenge on those that parked badly. Here we have mother nature taking of things in a different way. Call it what you want, karma, fate, or anything else, but three trees had fallen in this image.

Mother Nature
Natural Justice

The cars that were parked legally within the lines were perfectly fine. This car parked illegally? Well, it wasn’t as lucky.

Potato Army

Can we just mention how impressed we are by the person who went through the trouble and made these? They carved all four members of the potato clan – that deserves credit.

Potato Clan
Potato Clan

We hope the bad driver doesn’t have to find out what the produce army is, but we can’t help but wonder for ourselves. Did the person have a bunch of carved potatoes on hand just in case? Or did they carve them as they need them? We might never know.

A Movies Star in the Making

You know how the saying goes, “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade”. Well, in this case, the pedestrian did just that. When they have a car blocking their path on a daily basis.

Feel Like A StarFeel Like A Star

Instead of getting mad at the driver, they turned the situation into a positive. They took the chance to feel like a movie star and slide across the hood every now and again.

Monster Truck in Action - fulfilling the Threat

The special person who owns the white car apparently decided that parking in the correct spaces was too much to ask, so they parked across several spots. Lovely, right? Well, the person who owns the monster truck didn’t quite think so.

Monster TruckMonster Truck

The monster truck driver decided to park normally anyways – by literally driving over the hood of the white car. The point was made loud and clear, we must say.

Literally Blocked In

Have you ever heard someone say that they were blocked in and that’s the reason that they couldn’t get out? Well, it seems we’ve found the perfect candidate for that sentence because as you can see, they are most definitely blocked in! They must have parked in quite the wrong place if this was the result.

Literally Blocked In

We can also figure from this picture that the person who left their car here was not going to have an easy time getting it out onto the road. It takes a certain kind of person to get this kind of treatment dealt to them. What’s the lesson we can learn from this? I think we all already know.

It Was Raining

Can we really pass judgment on this person? Well, of course, we can, but let’s explore first what is really going on in this picture. So someone was looking for a parking spot but everything was taken. Then, like a miracle, a spot opened up before their eyes. However, there was a catch.

It Was Raining

This “parking spot” was hardly that. In fact, it was actually the parking lot for the shopping carts. Since it was raining, they figured that they had hit the jackpot with this covered spot. No-one is really to blame at this point. We do have some questions regarding that single shopping cart, though. But perhaps we’ll save it for another day.

Another Genius

Some people just never learn, do they? When they say you shouldn’t park in front of a fire hydrant, they mean it! “The worst that can happen is that they will give me a ticket, and they won’t even do that!” If only that little thought this person had as he was lining up with the sidewalk was true.

Another Genius

When a fire broke out, the firemen were given little choice as to how they were going to maneuver that fire hose around his car. It turns out this person didn’t get a parking ticket after all, but they did get two smashed windows and a fair amount of water damage on the inside of his car.

If you cannot tolerate it, toilet it - You Get It?

How’s your Russian? Not great? Yeah, neither is mine. It doesn’t really matter because as they say, “actions speak louder than words”. In Russia you truly have to be careful as to where you park your car, or else you might land up like this. When they say “keep off the grass,” perhaps you should take them seriously.

You Get It

Having a toilet planted on the hood of your car sure has a way of telling you how you parked, don’t you think? I’d say this isn’t the typical way we say “good job” to someone on the way they parked their car. Then again, this is Russia. It might just be the exact way to do that.

You’ve Been Bussed

This poor old lady was searching for a parking spot close enough to the bus station. Heaven knows that during the day it can be impossible to find an open spot, so it was quite a relief when in front of her eyes she saw more than she could ever wish for. Her eyes didn’t deceive her.

Youve Been Bussed

Right in front of her was a massive parking space, and not a single car had even taken the spot. So she pulled in, turned off the car and headed out to catch her bus out of town. The only problem was that the space she parked in was actually designated for buses only.


What are you supposed to do when someone parks in your spot and they’re nowhere to be found. There are a number of different options on the board, so let’s explore them. Seeing as you’re dealing with a tiny car, your first option is probably to simply remove the car from your spot. How? You could probably pick it up.

This Will Be Interesting

What’s the next best option? Oh right, the exact thing you’re looking at right now. Chain the front wheel to the back wheel and you’re good to go. There is just one minor issue – your parking spot will be occupied a helluva lot longer than the driver of this small car had anticipated.

'Lubbish' Parking

Okay people, who is ready for some terrible puns? Since I can’t actually hear you, I’m going to imagine that you gave me the green light on this one. We’ve all bin there and done that, but that doesn’t mean that we’ve all deserved this kind of trashy treatment. It would have been bad enough to put some bins in front and behind his car, but were all the rest really necessary?

Garbage Parking

Talk about having a garbage day! This looks like a pretty difficult version of the real-life game of “Traffic”. Do you think you’d be able to get out of this spot with ease? Maybe if you just drove out…

How Did This Go Wrong?

How difficult is it to follow the herd and park the same way as everyone else? If we’re looking at exhibit A then the answer is “rather hard”. We can’t resist the fact that it looks like the Men in Black came together for a meeting about the elephant in the room – the one guy who couldn’t park like the rest.

How Did This Go Wrong

I guess it’s days like these that you learn really fast how you should park in the future. Coming into work early on this day and having the whole parking lot to themselves didn’t pay off when they wanted to leave to go home early. We learn something new every day, don’t we?

Something Fishy

If you’ve watched as many movies as I have then you definitely have a few thoughts going through your head right now. I don’t believe that this was some random disgruntled dude in the parking lot walking around with a dead fish. I’m under the impression that this scene has a lot more going on.

Something Fishy

One word – mafia. If you’ve watched The Godfather then you’ll remember the scene of the guy waking up with a horse’s head in his bed. Sometimes there are ways to say things without having to use your words at all. Did he park badly? Maybe. Is the mafia trying to tell him something? Even more maybe.

That’s Smart

What’s your take on Smart cars? Some people think that they’re insufferable on the roads, while others (and probably the people who own them) think that they’re the best thing since sliced bread. They’re easy to maneuver, light on gas, and fantastic for parking. We’re not sure what these drivers had in mind.

Thats Smart

This is the perfect way to park four Smart cars without inconveniencing anybody else in the parking lot. However, there is something we must address. These folks haven’t actually caused any frustration to that big truck, but rather to that fourth Smart car that won’t be able to get out when he wants to. Where would we find so many smarties in Nairobi?

Sticker Bombing

You’ve heard of a sticky bomb that attaches to a car, you know like in the James Bond movies, but have you ever heard of sticker bombing a car? No? Yeah, I didn’t think so. This person clearly isn’t aware of the super-clear blue painted lines marking the parking spots in the other direction.

Sticker Bomb

While I’m all for getting some sort of revenge for bad parkers, this one might have been taken too far. Getting stickers off a car is nothing like removing post-its. Either way, we’re sure that a lesson was learned there on that day. You might still be able to see the driver cruising around town.

Can’t Touch This

There’s some sort of mentality that is instilled in every Jeep owner – you can go everywhere, even to places that most people can not. That came to a lightning-fast halt when someone decided to clamp the front and back tires of this midnight edition Jeep. The owner’s dreams were about to be shattered.Cant Touch This

All those places that nobody else could travel to suddenly came crashing down. Now this driver is the one who can’t venture out to all the glamorous and interesting sites the world has to offer – like home, the post office, a mall or anywhere you need a car to get to.

Not The Best Idea

You know what’s never a good idea? It’s never a good idea to park your car in a spot that is designated for any other vehicle but your own. This includes a disabled parking spot, a police vehicle’s spot, and in this case, the motorcycle parking area. At least the motorcyclist insisted on parking exactly where he should have.

Not The Best Idea

The only issue with this whole exercise is that if that driver decides to pull out of that parking spot with even noticing what’s behind his SUV, we can all say goodbye to a good bike lost in the line of active duty.

Your Car Rocks

You’re not looking at the brand new Toyota Camry “Stone Block” Edition – that hasn’t come out yet, duh! So what is this strangeness that you see? You’re actually looking at the result of a wrongly parked car only moments before its driver discovers what somebody has done to his car.

Your Car Rocks

Do you think that this act is justified? I guess it does matter where this car was parked. If this was the entrance to a hospital then it would make sense that blocking ambulances is a big ‘no-no’. Then again, maybe this person was in an emergency and this was the best parking job he could do under the circumstances.

Quite An Artist

Life is all about second chances. In some cases, we even get more than one chance. This person obviously was quite miffed that someone parked their car in his spot. But instead of getting furious and ordering a tow truck to remove the blocking car, a little compassion came out.

Quite An Artist

Aside from being a compassionate person, this one seems to be an artist with a healthy sense of humor. This time they were sent off with a warning a cute little picture, but the next time they might not be as fortunate. The worst thing to experience is waking up in the morning and finding that you don’t have a car.

Pray For Shoppers

Oh my, look who has struck again! It’s the shopping cart correctional officer. One wrong move in the parking lot and you’ll be reduced to nothing but… um, to a car surrounded by shopping carts that are really annoying to move. Did we also mention that it must be super embarrassing to reveal to everyone that you’re the one who parked like that?

Pray For Shoppers

There really shouldn’t be any excuse for parking like this. After all, it’s not like it’s impossible to find any parking in a lot at a supermarket. Maybe some people don’t want to have to walk a little bit more than a few steps, but this is ridiculous!

Get The Champagne

You can go ahead and call me an optimist, but I really believe that there’s something to celebrate every day that we’re alive. No, I’m not talking about birthday parties and anniversaries, because those are way too obvious and common. I’m talking about the moments that make us laugh, or that make us grateful, and especially those that make us think.

Get The Champagne

In this case, I think it might be a mix of all three of those things. This is downright hilarious. We are happy to know that it’s not our car parked like this. And finally, we have a moment to think deeply about the person who put in all this effort to congratulate this awful parker.

Hunter Becomes the hunted 

Life is full of ironic moments. There’s even a song about it, and why? Because we can all relate to this idea one hundred percent. Some call it fate, others Murphy’s Law, but you can call it what you want. What you’re looking at right here is all of the aforementioned in one picture.

Well Well Well

It’s hilarious and ironic to see that a parking enforcer has been slapped with a ticket. And for what? You guessed it. For parking in a place where it is illegal to do so. This is like a cop mistakenly handcuffing himself to the steering wheel, or a surgeon accidentally injecting himself with a general anesthetic. Something like that.

Together Forever

Coming back to her car, she was worried that someone had left a shopping cart too close to her car. It had only been a couple of weeks since she bought the car and the last thing she wanted was even the tiniest scratch from something like a shopping cart.

Together Forever

She had a second of relief when she saw that it wasn’t actually touching her car. Then the horror really kicked in when she saw what someone had really done to her car. The cable-tied the shopping cart to the door handle of her car. That will teach her not to park over two spots!


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