It will now cost you Sh7,000 in toll charges to drive on Nakuru highway

It will now cost you Sh7,000 in toll charges to drive on Nakuru highway

Motorists will pay between Sh1,458 and Sh7,290 to use the Nairobi-Nakuru-Mau Summit road in toll charges that could make Kenya’s highways among the most expensive to ride on in the world.

The Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA) has recommended that high-capacity vehicles like transit lorries pay Sh30 per kilometre to use the toll road, while low-capacity vehicles like saloon cars will pay Sh6 per kilometre on the 243km stretch.

That translates to one-way charges of more than Sh7,000 for the heavy vehicles, significantly raising the cost of doing business and putting inflationary pressure on the prices of goods and services.

In an interview, KeNHA director-general Peter Mundinia said motorists will pay the same charges to use the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) to Westlands expressway that starts at Mlolongo and terminates in Westlands, measuring 18.586 kilometres.

That will cost users between Sh111 and Sh557 between Mlolongo and Westlands.
“Many other roads will be put on tolling regime.

KeNHA has identified four provisional tolling stations, one after the Rironi interchange, a second one on A8 South (along Naivasha-Mai Mahiu), the third at the Gilgil weighbridge and the last one at Salgaa.

The JKIA-Westlands expressway will have about 10 interchanges based on the project design, implying that it may have a similar number of toll stations.

Toll fees that will start upon completion of the two highways will add to the Sh18 per kilometre fuel levy currently charged for maintaining Kenya’s roads.

Construction of the two highways is to be funded through Public-Private Partnership (PPP) arrangement.


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