Mazda Demio review

Mazda Demio review

Good looks, practicality and engaging driving characteristics mean the latest Mazda Demio is a serious contender in the hatchback class.

While other brands seek efficiency through small capacity engines and turbocharging, Mazda sticks to larger, naturally-aspirated engines that give punchy performance and decent economy.

The Mazda Demio's spacious, well-designed interior has a quality feel for the most part, and the car is good value and safe too.

The running costs should be low, and rising demand for used versions bodes well for resell values. So the Mazda Demio is a hatchback that can appeal to the head as well as the heart.

If you want something different from your Vitz, then the Mazda Demio could be right up your street. While it's gunning for sales in the hard-fought hatchback class, Mazda Demio has plenty of appeal for buyers looking for a sporty small car with fun handling and decent economy.

The sharp shape is compact and appealing, while the large grille, distinctive eagle-eye headlights and LED running lights on higher spec cars add to its looks. The Mazda Demio only comes as a five-door hatchback - if you want a small Mazda in another body style, your other options are the Mazda CX-3 small crossover or the sporty two-seat MX-5 roadster.

Engines, performance and drive
The Mazda Demio is refined, comfortable and eager thanks to punchy engines and an agile chassis.Mazda promises great ‘real world’ economy with low emissions.

Interior, design and technology
Eye-catching exterior and a stylish interior ensure the Mazda Demio has plenty of showroom appeal.

Practicality, comfort and boot space
A hatchback with space to seat five adults in relative comfort, but luggage space is on the average.

Reliability and Safety
The Mazda Demio is packed with safety gear, although some of it is optional, and shouldn’t suffer reliability issues either.

Rivals: Nissan Note, Toyota Vitz, Toyota Ractics, Suzuki Swift.

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