Photos – Nairobi backstreets re-carpeted and clean, you won’t believe it

Photos - Nairobi backstreets re-carpeted and clean, you won't believe it

Pumzi Lane, which stretches from Mondlane Street to Khoja Junction, has for long been in a deplorable state.

And the situation had only been made worse some time last year during the long heavy rains.

In its previous state, the road was practically unusable by motorists and pedestrians.

At one point, the road had been reduced to a potholes-riddled stretch of garbage, mud and raw sewage.

Predictably, street urchins and the city’s homeless folks capitalized on the situation to colonize the street.

A woman wades through a muddy section of Pumzi Lane back in December 2017 when the street was in its worst state. PHOTO | FRANCIS NDERITU

Thankfully, the situation has now changed for the better.

But it took relentless pressure from the public and many stories about the road in the media, for the Nairobi City County Government to comply and rehabilitate the street, through financing from the Road Maintenance Levy Fund.

The project, which began on September 28, 2018, is in its final stages of completion.

The road has already been fully tarmacked from end to end, with pedestrian walkways on either side of the road to allow city residents to maneuver with ease.

The many buildings along the street, whose backdoor entrances, loading zones and access to basement parking had for fallen into disuse, will soon happily open them up for use.

Impressively, the adjoining Nuru Lane, Moi Lane and other lanes which allow residents to move in-between buildings have all had cabro laid down on them for easy access. There is even a zebra crossing for pedestrians.

The final stretch at the Khoja Junction is due for completion with the street now being a one-way access as one lane has been reserved for parking.

Consequently, Public Service Vehicles plying the Roysambu and Kahawa West route have been left with little space to use as pick up and drop off points.


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