Confession of a motorcycle rider

Confession of a motorcycle rider

I ride a MOTORCYCLE please be considerate
The 3 car lengths I leave between the car in front of me isn't for you to cut me off! Contrary to popular belief, I can't stop my bike on a dime!

If you see me coming down the road while you're waiting to pull out from your driveway or an intersecting road, I'm going faster than you think, so please wait those few extra seconds to let me pass you by... if you're trying to make a right turn on red, don't do it in front of me, you don't have the right of way!

I speed up, when in your blind spot, not to race, but so you see me!
Don't try to pass me on the right just to cut me off.

I ride in the left lane, 10-15 KPH over the speed limit so I only have to worry about cars on my right side.

Please put your phone down, and STOP TEXTING, because the life you jeopardize is MINE and others who have Children, Wives, Husbands, and Parents to come home to.

My bike is loud so you can hear me coming.

When making a lane change, the manufacturer of the car you bought installed little devices known as MIRRORS and TURN SIGNALS, so I strongly suggest that you use them every time and also, don't be afraid to give a quick look over your shoulder before you barge into the lane I possess.

I ride with my high beams on at times so you can see me and I can see deer. And if you think my headlight is too bright, you should step out and take a look at how blinding your HID or LED _low beams_ are at night!

So PLEASE watch out for me and all my Brothers and Sisters, every time you are on the road.

Better yet, make it a habit and we'll all be better off!

If you're my biker friend and agree, please feel free to copy and paste this, post your picture or someone you love on a motorcycle and get the word out.

I posted this for the people I care about who ride motorcycles.

Drive safe.

By Karis Njeru

Via Johnson Mwenda

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