Ridiculous car hacks that work, Keep leaking radiators filled with pee

Ridiculous car hacks that work, Keep leaking radiators filled with pee

Taking your car to a real mechanic can get really expensive. Whether this involves cleaning the car fixing minor wear and tear, or just keeping things together until it’s time for a real fix, we have some really good tricks. There’s no need for you to know anything about cars to take advantage of these helpful hacks.

With the right kind of maintenance, you won’t just save money on repairs, you’ll also save money by extending the life of your car. Most people can’t afford to get a new car every few years, so it’s important to know how to take care of the one you have. With these tricks, you’ll have everyone asking how you know so much about maintenance, even if you don’t know what a camshaft is.

1. Repair a dent with a plunger

Dents can be one of the common things that happen to the exterior of your car. Believe it or not, you can actually repair them with a common bathroom item: a plunger! As long as the dent isn’t severe, you should be able to suction it out without a lot of effort.

2. Remove rust with Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola (and let’s face it, most sodas) are highly acidic, which makes them a perfect cleaner. The corrosive abilities of Coca-Cola are actually so strong they can remove rust. If you have parts on the exterior of your car that need a shine-up, try it out.

3. Clean up fabric seats with some washing soda

Washing soda isn’t commonly talked about these days but it’s not hard to find. It’s one of the easiest and most effective ways to clean stains and other grime off your fabric seats. Just mix it with a little dish soap and water, then scrub away.

4. Scrub dirt from your windshield with soda water

Your windshield is your first defense against all the dirt on the road. Soda water is an easy way to remove all the grime. All you need is a cloth and a bottle of soda water: it’s that easy.

5. Use hair conditioner to give your paint job a shine

You might think you need expensive, special materials to keep your car looking as great as possible. But you actually just need something found in any bathroom: a bottle of hair conditioner.

6. Brush away headlight buildup with toothpaste

Headlights are just like windshields: they get exposed to all the dirt on the road. They’re supposed to keep the road visible for drivers so you can’t let them get dirty. Thankfully, all it takes to clean them is a quick buff with some whitening toothpaste.

7. Conceal scratches in the paint with nail polish

There’s nothing worse than getting a scratch in your car’s paint job. However, there’s a simple fix even if it’s not the most traditional. Just head to the nail shop and find the nail polish in the color closest to your car.

8. Clean your windshield with a razor

If you need to clean subborn dirt from your windshield but don’t have any cleaning solutions on hand, don’t despair. You can scrap the worst of the dirt and grime off with a regular razor. It won’t scratch your glass, just skim everything off.

9. Shine your dashboard with some olive oil

If your dashboard is looking dull, there’s an easy way to shine it up. Grab a paper towel(serviette) and a bottle of olive oil then rub it into the dash. It will look great in no time, without any oily leftover mess.

10. Stop cracks in their tracks with nail polish

Getting a crack in your windshield is awful. However, there’s an even greater concern, the chance the crack will spread, destroying your entire windshield. Thankfully, you can stop the spread with a couple of dabs of clear nail polish.

11. Become a car mechanic with a Pringles can

This hack isn’t intended for long-term use but it should be enough to give you time to get to a mechanic. If you have a pipe that breaks, you can rig up a quick fix with a Pringles can and a spool of duct tape.

12. Heat up dents with a hairdryer

Here’s another way to help dents pop out of your car: a regular hair dryer. You’ll also need an air duster (the kind used to clean keyboards). Start with heating the dent for a few seconds, then spray the air duster until the dent pops out.

13. Keep an easy, breezy keychain

You might not give much thought to what you keep on your keychain. But the heavier your keychain is, the more it will wear on your ignition.

14. Play with dry ice to get dents out

Dry ice is another great way to smooth dents over. You’ll need a hair dryer for this one too, as well as a pair of gloves to protect your hands. Warm the dent, then gently rub the dry ice over it.

15. Clean your engine regularly

You probably don’t think about cleaning your engine. It’s a great way to prevent unnecessary maintenance and repairs. All you need is dish soap and water (and some plastic to protect under your hood).

16. Keep your windshield safe in extreme temperatures

Image result for windshield cover
Both extreme heat and extreme cold can be bad for your windshield, even causing it to warp or crack. It’s a good idea to cover your windshield with a tarp or protective cover when it gets extremely cold to insulate the glass.

17. Do a quick fix on your timing belt

This is a fix that’ll last until you get to the mechanic: if your timing belt is out, open your hood, remove it, and replace it with a pair of pantyhose.

18. Removing bumper stickers effortlessly 

If you’ve outgrown your old bumper stickers, soak a wad of newspaper in water and slap it on whatever you want to remove. Let it soak for 10 minutes. Your sticker will peel off easily!

19. Clean crevices with a screwdriver and a cloth

There’s nothing like trying to get dirt and crumbs out of the crevices of your car. There’s an easy way to reach them: just wrap a thin cleaning cloth around a screwdriver(flat).

20. Plug your fuel tank with candy or chewing gum

This might seem unbelievable, and you should know that it’s not a long-term fix, but if you have a fuel leak, you can actually plug it with a wad of gum or other sticky, chewy candy. It’ll get you to the mechanic safely.

21. Use a pair of pantyhose on your fan belt

Just like the timing belt trick, you can temporarily replace your fan belt with a pair of pantyhose. Don’t rely on it for more than a drive to the mechanic, though!

22. This trick will cool your car interior

To cool your hot car interior down, open your driver’s side door, then open your passenger door and pump it open and closed a few times, like a Nigerian hand fan.

23. Keep your air vents clear with a paintbrush

Air vents collect a lot of dust and dirt, which is hard to clean. The good news is that you can get into those hard-to-reach places with a regular paintbrush.

24. Use plain old dish soap to buff your wheelcaps

Sometimes, cleaning and maintenance for your car are pretty straightforward! If your wheelcaps are looking dull, just give them a shine with regular dish soap.

25. Scrub away dead insects with tissue

When bugs hit the front of your car, they have the tendency to get, well, glued there. There’s an easy fix that uses a regular household item: a paper towel. Just grab the tissue, wet it with water, and give your car a scrub.

26. Use this trick to repair your windshield wiper in an emergency

If you need a quick fix for a broken wiper blade, wrap a sock or a pair of pantyhose around the wiper. It’ll do the job and preven scratches until you can replace it.

27. Tackle insect bodies with cooking spray

If you need another way to loosen up some unfortunate bug bodies, all you need is a cloth and a little bit of cooking spray, like Pam. Spray it on your car to loosen the insects and wipe away.

28. Keep leaking radiators filled with pee

This one might seem unbelievable, but we checked — it’s real. If your radiator is leaking and you’re just trying to make it to the garage, you can use some bodily fluids to fill it up. If you have a full bladder, you can kill two birds with one stone on the road. If you are the shy type there another option you could disconnect the tube going to the windshield nozzles at the joint and redirect the jet to the radiator.

29. Use cat litter to keep your windows clear

Cat litter is made to absorb moisture. If you fill a sock with a scoop of litter and hang it in your car, it will absorb any condensation that would otherwise collect on your windows.

30. Keep the condensation off your windows

Want another way to keep the condensation off your windows? Use a little bit of shaving cream. Spray it on the inside of your windshield and wipe away. It may seem crazy, but it actually works ans smells nice too.

31. Use this temporary gasket fix to get you to the mechanic

If you’re stuck miles away from the nearest makanika without a gasket, you can shape a temporary one out of a Del Monte juice carton until you can get it fixed.

32. Keep your door safe from scratches with pool noodles

Many people have a hard time protecting their car while parked in the  home garage, especially if the space isn’t large. To protect your car from scratches, mount some pool noodles on the walls of the garage.

33. Get coffee and gas stains out of your carpets

If you travel with a coffee cup, you probably have spilled some of that too. Here, a regular pantry item is your friend: baking soda. Just mix some with water and scrub away.

34. Remove dents with foil and a lighter

You can often reshape dents in your car with a little heat but be sure never to put a lighter directly onto the paint. Instead, use some aluminum foil to disperse the heat.

35. Cool down your steering wheel in the January heat

During the hot months, keep a spray bottle full of water and a cloth in your car. Then, give the steering wheel a spritz before you start to drive. The evaporation will cool it down fast.

36. Use spray and a squeegee to collect dog hair

If your hairy friends regularly ride with you in the car, there’s probably an accumulation of fur on your seats. Spray it down with some water and use a regular car squeegee to easily scoop up the hair.

37. Clean your wiper blades with alcohol to keep your windshield clean

There’s nothing more annoying than getting dirty streaks from your wipers. Keep them clean by regularly wiping them down with alcohol or hydrogen peroxide.

38. Use baby wipes for quick, streak-free cleaning

Baby wipes are a great, versatile tool with a lot of uses. You can keep a pack of them in your car for all kinds of clean-up jobs. In particular, they’re the perfect way to keep your windshield clean without leaving any streaks behind. The reason? The mild alcohol base in the wipe mixture.

39. Stick your rubber floor mats in the dishwasher

Most people don’t know that you can throw those dirt-attracting rubber floor mats right in the dishwasher. If you have carpet ones, you can run them on a regular cycle in your washing machine. It’s much more effective than vacuuming.

40. Use nail polish remover to buff out scratches.

If you have small scratches in your car’s paint job, don’t stress: you can get them out with a little nail polish remover. Just be careful to use the non-acetone kind or you might rub the paint off.

41. Alcohol and a Magic Eraser are perfect for stain removal

When it comes to cleaning the interior of your car, it can be hard to lift stains off (especially if you have kids). Put a little bit of alcohol on a Magic Eraser and watch stains lift out with minimal effort.

42. Break into your own car

All you need is a coat hanger. Twist the hanger into the shape of a V and wiggle it through the window to pull up on the lock.

43. Get rid of dog hair with rubber gloves

Another great way to clean up after your canine co-pilots is with a regular pair of rubber kitchen gloves. You can find these at almost any supermarket. They’re an excellent way to easily grab pet hair. When finished, simply rinse the gloves off.

44. Weigh down the back of your car to prevent skidding

Image result for trunk full of sacs
This is a good trick to even out the tread on your tires, especially during the wet season when traction is extra important. Just pop a couple of heavy items in your boot to distribute the weight on your car. Some people use bas of soil, or sand or building blocks.

45. Use sandpaper (gently) on your headlights

If you have oxidation building up on your headlights making them to fade, you can clean it away with fine sandpaper(200grade). Soak the sandpaper thoroughly in water and make sure not to scratch your headlights.

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