10 Strict Rules Rolls Royce Owners Must Follow

10 Strict Rules Rolls Royce Owners Must Follow

A story has lingered that every Roll Royce came with a sealed hood and it was almost impossible for the owner to pop it; reason - there was no necessity to do that. It continued that if the owner ever figured out how to pop it then he must strictly do it away from public view to protect the brand credibility. Truth or Myth?

Here are ten strict rules Rolls Royce owners must follow:

1: Be Prepared To Pay Around $3,900 Or More Annually For Maintenance

There are many who say that practically every Rolls-Royce car that rolls off the assembly line is a one-off. That’s because these luxury cars are typically customized down to the last detail per the client’s preferences. And for any luxury custom job, you can certainly expect to pay a hefty price for the upkeep.

Just to give you a better idea, the website Auto Influence estimates the annual maintenance of a Phantom to be around $3,900. Meanwhile, the cost of an oil change alone is around $650. And in case your car needs a change in door parts, that will set you back $600, for each.

2: Never Take The Car For An Unapproved Enhancement Or Tuning

Rolls-Royce has always taken great pride in producing highly customizable luxury cars for all its clients. And to make sure that it is able to maintain the quality of its cars, any type of unapproved tuning or enhancement is absolutely not allowed. Moreover, doing so comes with grave consequences for the owner.

According to the company, “If vehicles have undergone any form of unapproved after-market tuning or performance enhancement, any right to request services or parts under Rolls-Royce Service Inclusive ceases with immediate effect.” If you are a Rolls-Royce owner, the last thing you want is to lose maintenance support from Rolls-Royce itself.

3: Only Work With Authorized Workshops

When it comes to the maintenance of a Rolls-Royce, the company only allows certain authorized workshops to service its cars. Moreover, Rolls-Royce also specifies that only “Rolls-Royce Approved Technicians” can conduct any work on the car.

Meanwhile, in case you’re wondering, maintenance of a Rolls-Royce car is now more manageable because of the Rolls-Royce Service Inclusive ownership package. According to the company, this already includes a “full cover of all scheduled service items, including brake pads and discs.” Aside from this, the said package also comes with continued roadside support and the option to purchase an extension package. You just need to make sure that you only send your car to authorized affiliates.

4: Consider Turning The Car Back Over To Rolls-Royce When It Reaches The End

As great as any Rolls-Royce car might be, it would eventually reach its end of life. Nonetheless, that is expected to take a very long time. Just to give you an idea, one Rolls-Royce owner, M. Allen Swift, drove his 1928 Rolls-Royce Phantom I Piccadilly Roadster for a remarkable 77 years. According to Green Car Reports, Swift received the car as a graduation gift and continued driving it just before he passed away.

As you can see, Rolls-Royce cars are built to last. However, if you think your car has reached its end, the company has a simple request, “Rolls-Royce Motor Cars recommends handing the vehicle in at a take-back point nominated by the manufacturer at the end of its life cycle.”

5: Sign A Waiver First To Deactivate Rolls-Royce TeleServices

Now, if you are the type of Rolls-Royce owner who doesn’t like availing of services from Rolls-Royce, there is a way for that to be arranged. Although, we can’t imagine why you wouldn’t want continued support for your luxury car. Nonetheless, if your mind is absolutely set, the company requires you to formally waive your rights to any assistance in the future.

As stipulated by Rolls-Royce, “You may have the Services deactivated at any time at your authorized Rolls-Royce Dealer or Service Workshop by signing a waiver document.” Furthermore, the company explained, “Deactivation of the Services will also deactivate the SIM card installed in the vehicle which will also deactivate the Rolls-Royce Assist function.”

6: Be Prepared To Share Your Car Data With Rolls-Royce

For Rolls-Royce Motors, it is important to monitor data from your car that allows them to see if it already needs service or repair.

As explained by the luxury carmaker, “Rolls-Royce CarData provides you with an overview of the telematics data that your motor car regularly sends to Rolls-Royce as part of the Rolls-Royce Teleservice services. This includes, but is not limited to, vehicle metrics and measurements that are generated by sensors in your motor car, such as the mileage and check control messages.” The data transmitted includes your car’s tank content range, coolant temperature and more. According to Rolls-Royce, you can also send a request for the telematics data on your car.

7: Arrange A Service Appointment For Your Car’s Battery If You Are Told To Do So

Over time, a car battery eventually gets used up and worn out. And before it completely stops working, its best to get a replacement as soon as possible. Otherwise, your car might just stop in the middle of nowhere.

To avoid this scenario, Rolls-Royce actively monitors the life of your car battery. As explained in the Rolls-Royce Enhanced Ownership terms and conditions, “Teleservice Battery Guard continuously monitors the vehicle battery. If the battery condition falls below a fixed value, the vehicle’s technical data shall be transmitted to your authorized Rolls-Royce Dealer or Service Workshop. If appropriate, they will contact you to arrange a service appointment.”

8: Give Your Location And Vehicle Identification To Request For Assistance

As you may know by now, ownership of a Rolls-Royce car comes with access to premium maintenance and support services. This includes roadside assistance that you may require in case of an emergency.

In the event that you and your car need urgent assistance, Rolls-Royce would require you to give your location and vehicle identification. This would help them locate you faster and send the nearest support and/or emergency team your way. Furthermore, the company also explained, “The user’s request and the data required may be transmitted to service providers commissioned by us to provide the Service.” The sooner they can have your information, the sooner they can help you out.

9: Download Updates To Keep Your Mobile Device Connected To Your Car

As you can imagine, a Rolls-Royce car is one of the most technologically advanced vehicles you can ever own. Hence, it should be quite easy to sync up your iPhone and certain iPhone apps to your car.

However, Rolls-Royce is quick to remind its clients that they have to continuously download available updates if they want to enjoy uninterrupted service. This should not be much work since you can update it just like any other app on your iPhone. Aside from this, Rolls-Royce adds, “You should have a suitable mobile phone contract. In some cases, the Rolls-Royce Connect app makes intensive use of broadband services.”

10: Answer Automatic SOS Calls Made By The Car

Rolls-Royce takes pride in being able to immediately attend to a client’s needs in case of an emergency. They ensure timely response with the help of its Automatic E-Call feature. As explained by the company, “In the event of the activation of the airbag or crash sensors, the vehicle will automatically trigger a call to the nearest emergency services call center. Already aware of your location, the emergency services will then attempt to make contact with the driver or passenger and dispatch the emergency services if no response is received.”

In situations like this, it would be best to answer the SOS call if you are able to do so. This way, you can also give them further assistance in locating you and your car.


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