Safari Rally 2019 is approaching fast and everyone is getting ready

Safari Rally 2019 is approaching fast and everyone is getting ready

Preparations for the 2019 WRC Candidate Event cum Africa Rally Championship Safari Rally is now in full throttle.

A record 120 safety marshals volunteers underwent a day long training seminar moderated by rally aces Norris Ongalo and Charles Hinga. This is the third session conducted by local experts who have undergone training since 2016 from a grant given by the FIA.

Participants were introduced to the essence of motorsport and why safety is paramount to spectators, human beings and animals through visual and audio presentations. They were also introduced to the safety features in a rally car

The sessions will peak on June 19 when Sue Sanders comes to Kenya to train top officials.

 Sanders, is a top global training expert for the safety FIA will be in Nairobi to conduct seminar for marshals who will officiate the 2019 WRC Candidate Event Safari Rally.

Sanders , also the training manager of Motor Sports Association United Kingdom  will hold the three days training seminar from June 19 to 21 for top rally officials who will be expected to impart and put to practice their expertise in the Safari.

The FIA and WRC Promoter has put premium attention to safety of competitors and spectators. She will pay attention on decision making, communication, contingency planning.

The Safari will need hundreds of  volunteer marshals  who will be assisted by NYS personnel, traffic and regular police to regulated safety measures,

Security experts from the private sector also met with representatives from the police to draw a security master plan which will be masterminded and executed by the disciplined forces.

The most policed areas will be spectator stages, competitive and open roads where the competition cars will pass, said the Chief Executive Officer of the Safari Rally Project Phineas Kimathi said yesterday.


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