Sometimes you can get good savings by picking up a car that a company bought new but has to get rid of three years later

Sometimes you can get good savings by picking up a car that a company bought new but has to get rid of three years later

Buying a vehicle is many many times an emotional decision. Therefore, to avoid being carried away by factors not backed by logic, it is important that you shop around for the best deal available.

1. Look out for auction vehicles

2. Google, Google, Google

Ensure that you read through every available car-selling platform to get the average price of your desired vehicle. Google is your friend and when you key in what type of car you need, it will regurgitate every available option. Google will also tell you what common defects ail the car you’re eyeing, and you can then decide whether the benefits are still worth the risks it comes with.

3. Buy during the low season

Kenyans tend to purchase vehicles in the fourth quarter of the year. Dealers understand this trend and will tend to increase prices between October and December. It’s also when people are more desperate to secure a vehicle for Christmas travelling. Avoid the rush and buy your car during the off-peak season.

4. Buying versus doing your own importation

The Internet has made car buying easier, so more people are able to buy their vehicles directly from second-hand dealers abroad. You’ll get significant savings by by-passing middlemen, but there’s a catch: always do your homework as many people have lost large sums of money to dubious online auctions. Look for reputable websites and understand the importation process fully, as well as vehicle grades, for the best results.

5. Visit car bazaars

Visit open-air car markets to meet with buyers of various vehicle models. In Nairobi, for instance, there’s a car bazaar every Sunday at the Jamhuri grounds. Such bazaars give you a clear indication of price and variety, and improve your odds of getting a good deal.

6. Get a reliable mechanic to inspect the vehicle

After identifying a vehicle, have it inspected for any signs of defects, either derived from misuse, previous accidents or general wear and tear. The mechanic will, thereafter, give you an inspection report that you can use as a bargaining tool to get a better deal.

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