Suzuki Swift Review

Suzuki Swift Review

Car companies are made of highly intelligent and motivated people whose sole purpose is to make a car that you will want to buy. Because money varies in intensity, they make anything from small and simple purposeful cars to literally anything you want if your pockets go deep enough, as the Rolls Royce Sweptail unveiled last week attests to.

There are Bentleys and Ferraris in the world, not for any particularly important reason, other than that a rich person can buy it in any colour they want. There’re certainly more frugal ways to get around than pompous behemoths of luxury and speed.Of the local small cars, the Toyota Vitz is a good choice if you don’t mind the stereotype, the Mazda Demio is a better, more neutral choice, but the Suzuki Swift is simply the best of the bunch.

The Swift is such a nice car that the Sport version seems needlessly excessive. Aesthetics It looks familiar, like a friend you haven’t seen in a long time. Changed but the same, and in this case for the better.

The headlights are bigger and stretch further along the car, and the rear lights now have a clear insert. But if you took a measuring tape, you would notice that it’s a bit wider than before and longer by as much as e live in an era of excesses. When your pockets are warm from the glow of having 90mm. Doubtlessly, an attempt at making things more comfortable inside. The grill now curves into the bonnet and it all comes together in a very neat package.

The steering wheel adjusts four ways and the driving seat is very supportive. Rear passengers will also find themselves remarkably comfortable in a small car on account of the longer seats that support the thighs. Four adults will be comfortable in what is a very small car as Suzuki, like Daihatsu, are masters in making a small car feel big, although a third person in the back will quickly remind you of its diminutive size.

Unfortunately once in the car, there’s nothing else to look at but a vast desert of hard grey plastic broken only by a little silver here and there. Although silver is also just a shinier shade of grey. The red dials are the only thing that you can really say bring colour into the cabin.

Generous small spaces include a spacious centre console, door bin bottle holders all round and the glove box isn’t too bad.

Driving It’s not slow by any measure but you have to squeeze it out as it doesn’t give it up willingly.

Keep the revs up and constantly churn the stupendously smooth gearbox and what you have is a fun and economical car to get around. You’ll find excuses to go for a drive, even visiting people you don’t like, just so you can have a reason to drive it. Unless you hate manuals, in which case you’ll hate it. The 1.2 litre engine peaks at 4800 rpm and low end torque just isn’t there so you really need to work the shifter to get going. Once you do however, you get its all zip and zany with the Swift reaching 100kph in just over 10 seconds. The engine is eager and smooth and pulls higher gears from a surprisingly low speed. Turn in and the chassis just gives you confidence to push it more. It feels perfectly balanced and the combination of awesome grip and strong brakes will have you wishing there were no road rules.

The one major complaint would be the vague steering, which feels a little too nonchalant for my taste. It feels a bit disconnected on initial turn and doesn’t feel the need to inform you of everything the wheels are doing. It’s also very light car, as you will harrowingly experience in a crosswind when it sways you effortlessly from side to side.

The cabin may provide decent passenger legroom, but it comes at a cost. The boot is laughably small and worse still, nobody at the factory gave much thought to the seat folding. It’s all a bit too basic and spatially inefficient as they can’t fold completely flat, further limiting the shapes of things it can accommodate. The plasticky interior may last forever but cheaper rivals are built to a better finish, although the difference is not that much.

That’s said; the 2010 Suzuki Swift is a significant step up from the last generation. It had a five star safety rating at launch, low emissions scores and, as with previous iterations, has maintained a stellar reputation for reliability. No need to drive around pompously draining earth’s resources.

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