The BMW would be the trophy wife you left your first wife for

The BMW would be the trophy wife you left your first wife for

Why are European cars such as BMW higher maintenance than Japanese cars like Toyota?

Andrew's Reply...

If these cars were women, you’d marry the Honda and raise a family. The BMW on the other hand would be the trophy wife you left your first wife for. She’s very beautiful, high spirited and of course expensive to maintain.

I have both the tools and skills to do more than just casual maintenance and have worked on both brands. The Honda Accord makes one’s life easy. Things are generally designed to be accessible, they are well-engineered and when you fix a problem, it stays fixed.

I have worked on both 3 and 5 series. Neither are a joy, but the 5 series gives you more room to work with, but it still requires major disassembly to access and replace consumable components. The 3 series is worse. Much much worse. I hate this car. Two days to replace a water pump and thermostat. There was nothing wrong with the thermostat, but it is such an ordeal to access the pump that it’s just smart to do the colocated thermostat at the same time. It’s an electronic water pump. Why electronic? Because BMW wanted to shoe horn a six cylinder engine in an engine bay where a four cylinder engine would be a tight fit. There was simply no room for a belt and pulley system! Want to replace the starter? Take off the entire intake assembly. Here is a video of a guy doing it in time-compressed format.

That said, no one at the parking lot ever drooled on my Accord. It is a regular occurrence with the 3 series. The car makes everyone in it more attractive. The fahrvergnügen of this vehicle is outstanding as well. It makes you want to get off the couch and take a drive in the mountains. That never happens with a Honda.

Quite honestly, the BMW is a car for wealthy people. You buy it new, you drive it for three or four years, trade it in for a pittance and fork over a wheel barrel of cash to buy it’s replacement. Don’t buy a used one or keep one that you own for more than four years unless you have an hydraulic lift, a rollaway toolbox full of Mac Tools or Snap-On and considerable skill and experience as a mechanic.


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