There’s now smart zebra crossing saving lives in Nairobi CBD

There's now smart zebra crossing saving lives in Nairobi CBD

Nairobi introduced intelligent digital zebra crossings. They are a step towards reducing pedestrian deaths caused by motorists and cyclists.

Here is how they work: The intelligent zebra crossing consists of an electronic notification box fitted on either side of the road. This box is connected to the traffic lights. A pedestrian presses a button on the box to request to cross the road. Once the system has assessed the road, the traffic lights turn red instructing all oncoming vehicles to stop. The system also beeps loudly to inform pedestrians that it is their turn to cross.

When the road is too busy, the box tells the pedestrian to stop and wait. When all is clear it instructs them to proceed. Should motorists and cyclists continue driving when the traffic light is red, the the traffic marshal on stand by will be arrest and charge them. 

Data relayed by NTSA indicated that a total 1,192 people have died on the roads as of May 9, 2019. Notably, pedestrians are still the most vulnerable with 453 having lost their lives.

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