Tips for Safe Driving in the Rain

Tips for Safe Driving in the Rain

The rainy season is one of the most tricky for motorist and will test your driving skills to the "t". However, it is during the same season that when you really appreciate the blessing of a car - a usable car for that matter. Here are a few tips to help you drive safely when it pours.

Keep Distance

To avoid being cut-it by uncouth matatu(and like minded) drivers Nairobians have adopted a bumper-to-bumper Chase mode of driving. Avoid this during the rainy season, breaking distance is longer due to possible skidding caused by slippery roads.

Plan your Time

Rain results to heavy traffic jam. It's prudent to give yourself adequate allowance so that you won't engage in risky driving in an attempt avoid lateness.

Keep your Headlights ON

Visibility drastically drops in the rain especially when it's accompanied by fog. Keeping your Headlights on makes you visible to oncoming traffic.

Wiper Blades

Make sure your wipers are working and replace worn out blades. Worn out blades are less effective and will contribute a lot to good visibility.

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