Toyota Probox Review

Toyota Probox Review

Toyota Probox F Extra– Toyota has always been a practical vehicle manufacturing company which is looking to manufacture new and advanced model cars. Its cars known the world over for their reliability, as they go through complete testing process before coming in the market for selling purposes.

Toyota PROBOX is one of these practical work horses, never mind the looks. I could quote the old saying that if you want a wife who will do the work of a caterpillar around your domain then you must not be too concern about her physical appearance.


PROBOX is a van with a VVT-I type of engine with the capacity ranging from 1300cc to 1500cc. It's fuel efficiency is in the usual Toyota range .


You wouldn’t expect an ugly something to be to concern about where it passes would you? Yes? Well as expected there isn’t much to take about a Safety on a Probox, however there’s the expected minimum. It has a speed sensitive electric power steering which is the reason why this car is generally stable and easy to handle most of the time. It has a front design which reduces some risk of head injury.

The latest series has anew emergency braking system which flashes the hazard lights during heavy braking; it will help you to warn the drivers in time which decreasing chances of rear-end collisions. It also has an improved ABS along with large brake discs.

Toyota Probox Interior

It has a seating capacity of 5 persons. You cannot talk about comfort in a Probox unless you are upgrading from a 2 wheeler to a 4 wheeler. The dashboard is you usual plastic briefly interrupted by a knob here and a button there. There are many storage areas in its interior where you can place different items too. If you are looking to get a flat floor you can also remove rear seats entirely. Did I need to say this? What a Probox without a warehouse?

Probox Exterior

The characteristic loaf-shape is here to stay.

The only new is the optional reverse camera.


Probox Features

Other features Latest Model Toyota Probox F Extra Package has which makes it ‘cooler’ a car to drive, you know like painting the horns of your plough ox.

  • Automatic Transmission
  • Front Air bags
  • Automatic and Manual Gear system
  • Total weight of 400 KG.
  • VVT-I
  • (LxWxH) Dimensions 4195 x 1695 x 1515 mm.
  • Wheelbase 2550 mm.
  • Ground clearance 155 mm.
  • Minimum turning radius 5.2 m.
  • Fuel tank capacity 50 Liters.
  • Power density 10.67.
  • Low emission system.

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