Uber is now wooing business with cheap cheap rides for clients

Uber is now wooing business with cheap cheap rides for clients

Uber Kenya has a new discount programme that gives companies the ability to pay for trips taken by their customers. This latest move is designed to grow the US tech firm’s local business-to-business market.

The programme, 'Uber Voucher', is set to rival taxis and car hire businesses that institutions such as hotels, restaurants and tour firms have used for a long time in transporting their clients.

Customers using the discount programme can redeem companies’ vouchers at the payments section of the Uber app.

Firms subscribed to the programme can opt to cover partial or full costs of trips taken by their clients.

The subscribed firms can also grant customers multiple trips as well as tailor the rides to specific routes, pickup and drop-off points.

“Companies that already offer customers shuttle or rental car services can also make effective use of Uber Vouchers. The vouchers can provide a real-time, flexible transportation option for customers while reducing operational overhead and fixed costs,” said Uber in a statement.

“We have been working with many partners across hospitality and auto insurance, testing Uber Vouchers as part of their customer service and see a tremendous opportunity to use on-demand technology to improve their customers’ experiences.”

This development comes more than two years after the taxi-hailing firm unveiled Uber for Business locally, a service that enables company employees to take rides at the expense of their employer.

The platform enables corporates to track, manage and get billed for their business travel using a single account.

In September 2017, Uber said Nairobi had emerged the second-biggest market for the ride-hailing firm’s platform after London in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

This article first appeared on Business Daily

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