What does a flashing check engine mean?

What does a flashing check engine mean?

A flashing check engine light means an urgent situation with the engine.

Depending on your situation, you should shut down the vehicle as soon as it is safe to do so.

There can be many different reasons for the light, one of the engine’s sensors has sent a signal to the engine management system. This creates a diagnostic code that can be read by a reader plugged into the OBD II port on the car.

A solid light means an error code, you can usually continue driving until it you can have a mechanic look at it

A flashing check engine light usually means serious trouble.

It could be a malfunctioning sensor, if you are lucky. I have an OBD scanner and I once had an oil pressure sensor die, and that set up a flashing check engine light. If it had actually been a problem with the oil pressure, I could have killed the engine.

Take it to your mechanic asap, you may want to have it towed.

Answer by James Lyinn.

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