What’s the most ridiculously bad feature you’ve ever seen in a car?

What's the most ridiculously bad feature you've ever seen in a car?

Gary's answer:

A few spring to mind. The Series 3 Land Rover had two fuel tanks, one under each front seat. So not only was it important to switch them over but if you ever rolled the thing, the PETROL would spill out and murder you.

My 2017 BMW X5 has a “step” or Running Board to get in, which isn’t big enough for my toes, let alone foot. Which means when I get out I have to stretch my leg all the way to the ground to get out, this wouldn’t be a problem except the back of my lower leg runs against the step every time depositing road-grime on my suit trousers.

What I thought I was getting:

What I actually got:

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