Why do we need antifreeze or coolant in our radiator cooling system in a hot climate?

Why do we need antifreeze or coolant in our radiator cooling system in a hot climate?
Anti freeze(the main component in radiator coolants) like the word suggest, keeps the radiator from freezing in winter, so if you live in cold climates you can still drive your car when its sub zero temperature in winter. The anti freeze effectively lower the freezing point of water in the radiator system. Correspondingly, when the freezing point is lowered the boiling point of the water is raised so the results of using anti freeze or engine coolant lowers the freezing point & raise the boiling point.

Increasing the boiling point

The increase in boiling point is what we’re after in a hot climate in the tropical countries like ours. A car’s engine operating temperature needs to be maintained at about 97 ?. If the car is driven hard, high speed & in a long distance drive, the “water” in the radiator would boil at 100 ? causing many common sights of cars pulling over with their bonnet steaming white vapor!

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Ideal coolant temperature 

If you add coolant to that “water”, it can raise the boiling point to prevent this steaming disaster. The ideal mixture of coolant is a - 35 ? reading in the radiator system. This can be easily tested with a refractor meter. At -35 ?, the boiling point of the coolant becomes 129 ?. This setting would keep your car engine cool.

PH level

Between -40 to - 10 ?, the coolant PH level is about 6.6 to 7.0. When the coolant concentration goes below - 10 ?, it turns acidic & if its above -40 ?, it turns alkaline. In either cases, it is corrosive at acidic or alkali states. 

Summary of why you must have coolant in your radiator cooling system

  • Coolant keeps your engine cool
  • It absorbs heat & have a larger capacity to store heat as compared to water
  • It prevents corrosion to the engine block & radiator
  • Its makes your car AC colder
  • Coolant must be changed every 2 years or you can use a long life coolant

Check you coolant regularly to prevent overheating in the engine & premature damages to your radiator & water pump.

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