How to apply for Road Service Licence(RSL) on NTSA TIMS online @KenyanTraffic

How to apply for Road Service Licence(RSL) on NTSA TIMS online @KenyanTraffic

The National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) migrated the application for Road
08th August 2019.

The steps below provide the process for application of RSL.


STEP 1 Create and Log in to your TIMS account
? Click on subscribe to receive SMS ( or send the word NTSA to 22847)
? Log on to
? Click on the TIMS logo
? Click on Register an account
? You can register as an company or Sacco
? For Companies/Sacco’s enter Certificate of Incorporation number, then click on
verify, then proceed to the next step enter PIN number and submit.


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STEP 2 Apply for Road Service Licence
? Logon
? Click on TIMS logo
? Create TIMS account A/c using company/Institution KRA PIN and Phone
? Make an application by filling an application for RSL format online
? Make payments and submit online the duly filled application forms for verification and approval
Note: Payments vary according to vehicle capacity


? The motor vehicle must have undergone inspection and passed
? The driver must have a valid PSV badge


The Authority shall not be liable for any transactions within any TIMS account. It is prudent
that any information relating to the TIMS account is not disclosed to any parties. If assisted
to register an account, ensure the registered phone number provided does not belong to the
individual but to the owner of the account. All codes and passwords shall be sent to the
phone number provided.


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For enquiries on TIMS, Email; or through the free
NTSA App available for download on Google Play Stores.

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