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If you lose your Driving License/ID/Passport

When someone loses the most important document as far as driving is concerned, then you’re required by law to obtain a police abstract.

Without a license, it is virtually impossible to drive in any law-abiding country. 

This only shows you how important the abstract is. You can indeed drive for a few more days if you had the abstract rather than if you didn’t.
However, nothing can ever replace your license but you can save yourself from a little inconvenience.

Vehicle Theft or Loss of Items in the Car/House

People lose similar properties every day. For a reason or the other, some people do not know that that you can actually pick an abstract form for loss of any property. 

Police officers need to know the particular individual to contact in case some property is recovered.

It will be difficult for anybody including the police to identify some recovered property as belonging to you if you didn’t present a police abstract. 

Even the courts of law can only rule in your favor if you have properly documented your loss of property with the police. 

You should indeed pick it for anything that can be recovered by authorities however long the recovery process takes. 

The Officer Commanding Police Station(OCS), must sign and rubber-stamp the filled form and an official receipt issued.


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