Motorcycle Handbook – A Guide to Safe Riding [pdf]



Product Description


The aim of this handbook is to help you to become a safe motorcycle rider and is based on an approach called
defensive riding. The handbook is divided into 12 parts. You should read them all and try the Check Your
Understanding questions at the end of each part. These questions let you:
• review the information
• check your understanding.
Road safety is important to all road users and especially to motorcyclists. In a crash you have less
protection than a driver.
Please keep in mind that getting your licence, even after all the training, does not make you an
experienced and safe rider. It takes years of practice to learn all the skills and correct riding
techniques. Remember, as an inexperienced rider, you are more likely to be involved in a crash
than an experienced rider.
In the meantime, this handbook can be a great help. When it says ‘bike’ this means any
motorcycle or motor scooter. If it is talking about a specific kind of bike, it will use more
specific terms. Otherwise, it will simply say ‘bike’. When it says ‘rider’ it means motorcycle or
motor scooter rider.
Bike riders must obey the same rules as drivers. The Light Motor Vehicle Handbook has
general rule information for all road users and should be read with this handbook.