What the colour of your car says about you @KenyaTraffic

What the colour of your car says about you @KenyaTraffic

Do you follow colour trends or does your car colour choice make a statement about you and your personality?

People sometimes think your car is an extension of your personality and it's certainly true that driving stereotypes exist and can leave people making all kinds of assumptions on your character. It's not just make and model that leaves an impression - car colour choice can also represent your character. There are shades for every mood from confidence and assurance to relaxation.

Although the colour you chose might be influenced by all kinds of factors from climate to season and also availability, your choice could also reflect your mood at the time of buying or a deeper, more ingrained character trait. Find out which one matches you best:


Outgoing, Dynamic, Energetic

The first colour of the rainbow and the sports car staple.

 Red is seen as the colour of the go-getter. A red car owner wants to project their power and motoring enthusiasm. They want to declare their status on the road, and undoubtedly have a desire to stand out from the crowd.

Red cars have long been synonymous with motor racing. This began in the 1920s when 'Rosso Corsa' was the international motor racing colour of Italian cars including Alfa Romeo, Ferrari and Abarth. Tendencies can include a more impulsive nature - showing they are open to having fun.

Slightly darker shades of red are more popular in a metallic finish with smaller hatchbacks, such as wine or maroon and are far more subtle with their approach. A darker red wants to make the same impression but with less impact.


Happy, Fun, Joyful

Yellow is innately fun, and this is often reflected in the drivers of yellow cars. Drivers of yellow cars certainly aren't afraid of being noticed!
Yellow and gold cars can attract younger drivers, who welcome brighter colours to reflect their personality.

Yellow makes vehicles like the BMW M4 really stand out.


Creative, Unique, Original

Orange cars are not all that common on our roads and amongst the rarest coloured vehicles out there. Definitely one for those that like to stand out and make a statement, orange is a colour often reserved for exotic supercars and hot hatchbacks. Opting for an orange car means that you're not afraid of going against the grain, and making your own decisions.

The new Smart ForTwo really suits a bold orange, with its unique character.


Traditional, Organic, Balanced

Green is another colour with which connotations can vary dependant on the shade. The drivers of lighter greens such as Apple Green or Malachite can be recessive and introverted. It tends to be a colour which is closely tied to nature, and a neutral green can hint at someone with an active lifestyle.

Darker shades of green, such as Jungle Green and Dark Olive, denote a much classier look. Traditional greens such as British Racing Green have a rich motorsport heritage, and people who drive these are said to be trustworthy and well-balanced.


Confident, Calm, Stable

Along with grey, there are many different shades of blue and every hue can vary dramatically as much as the interpretation of what that says about the driver. Although sometimes related to sadness, with vehicles Blue is seen as the colour of stability and safety.

Lighter blue colours such as baby blue or sky blue are cooler and give off a more relaxed persona. Darker blues, on the other hand, are seen as authoritative shades with a more self-assured driver. Examples include Navy Blue and Midnight Blue.

Several cars really stand out in blue, including this Mercedes GLA-Class.


Practical, Neutral, Knowledgeable

Many could have been mistaken for thinking that Fifty Shades of Grey was a book about car colours. In its many guises, grey is fast becoming a favourite car colour. The colour Grey is decidedly balanced and neutral.

Showing no signs of waning in popularity, there are a range of new greys on the market with a lighter matt finish such as the MINI Hatch which looks every part the contemporary mod in limited edition Rooftop Grey.


Prestigious, Futuristic, Cool

Thanks to NASA, the colour silver denotes feelings of innovation and futuristic properties, and the driver might like to be seen as something of a trendsetter. Silver was amongst the first metallic car colours and those opting for Silver mostly have contemporary taste, with a focus on style and security.

Of course, silver is also a precious metal, and is linked with significant worth and value - something which isn't lost on the driver. Silver is the second most popular colour on our site accounting for 18% of our used cars.


Pure, Contemporary, Fresh

Those driving white vehicles want to present a modern, fresh persona to the outside world. Although historically more popular in countries with a hotter climate, times they are a changing  as white cars are the third most popular and account for around 17 per cent of all our stock.

The colour, which has associations with honesty and purity, has seen its popularity increase dramatically in the past decade with some attributing this to Apple products. Ultimately someone who owns a white car really wants to stand out, but also doesn't mind the hard work and dedication that comes with it.


Luxurious, Elegant, Powerful

Known as the 'ultimate' power colour, black cars are the most popular colour choice and account for almost a quarter (22%) of our used vehicles. Black gives any vehicle an elegant and sophisticated edge. With undertones of black-tie dinners and limousines for celebrities, it's no wonder that black is the most popular colour for luxury vehicles. On the roads, black has something of an understated grace and charm.


Natural, Luxurious, Stable

A 60s, 70s and 80s staple, brown tones did see their popularity decrease throughout the nineties and noughties but are experiencing an unexpected resurgence, with a little help from Land Rover.

Deeper, metallic shades of brown are fast becoming associated with luxury and heritage, especially with connotations of chocolate and coffee. These colours have taken on an elegance of their own, with their owners wanting to stand out. The luxury, earthy undertones of brown suit match with the Range Rover Evoque.

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